Indian Women’s Hockey Team launches an 18-day online fitness challenge to raise funds for the poor

Image Courtesy: PTI/Getty
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India is currently observing a nationwide lock down amidst the novel Coronavirus outbreak, many sporting association and athletes from the country have come forward to aid the poor and underprivileged, who have been hit the hardest in the COVID-19 crisis. The Indian Women’s Hockey Team is the latest to join in the noble cause, who have decided to raise funds with the help of a online fitness challenge.

Image Courtesy: PTI/Getty

The official Twitter handle of Hockey India released a video today, where all player of the Women’s Team joined together to reveal about the 18-day challenge. The followers will be given one fitness challenge daily, which will range from burpees, lunges, squats to spiderman pushups, pogo hops and many more more.

After accepting the challenge each day, the participants will nominate 10 more people, and pledge Rs. 100 towards the fundraiser of Uday Foundation, an NGO based in Delhi. Check out the clip below-


The crowdfund effort, which aims to feed at least 1000 people until the current lock down ends on 3rd May, will be utilised to provide essential commodities, rations and also sanitary kits to migrant workers, people living in slums and patients.

Rani Rampal, the captain of the Women’s Hockey Team spoke about the fundraising challenge on a press release.

“Every day we are reading in the newspapers and social media about so many people struggling for food, we decided to do something to help these people as a team,” Rampal said.

“We thought an online fitness challenge would be the best way to do it and this way, we can also urge people to stay active during the nation-wide lock down. Through this initiative, our goal is to raise enough funds to feed at least 1000 families,” the 25 year old skipper added.

“All of us in the Indian Women’s Hockey Team come from poor economic backgrounds and we have seen days when we have struggled for food and other basics,” Savita Punia, the team’s vice captain added, “today we are in a position to help and we want to ensure poor people get basics like food and sanitary kits.”

There has been over 13,000 positive Coronavirus cases in India, and 452 patients have succumbed to the deadly virus.

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