Indian international women’s boxer assaulted in Kolkata; 3 arrested


Indian international boxer Suman Kumari, who recently won the Taiwan Professional Boxing Championships, was assaulted by three people in Kolkata when she was driving her two-wheeler to her office. Kolkata Police immediately took action and made three arrests relating to the case.

Suman Kumari
Image Credits: She The People

“The incident happened at around 11 am when I was going to the office on my scooter and a man came in front of it suddenly in order to board a bus. I managed to apply breaks but the man threw abuses at me and got into the bus. I chased the bus and in the next stop asked the man why he abused me. He came down and started abusing me again and suddenly held my throat. I tried to draw the attention of a policeman standing nearby but he did not come forward. Still, I have enough faith in Kolkata Police. So I request KP to look into the matter and restore Law and Order as much as possible. Then only my beloved city will be safer for the women,” she wrote in a Facebook post.

It is great that the police have acted accordingly and made arrests in the case to control the law and order situation. This is the second such incident in a month after former Miss India Universe Usoshi Sengupta was chased and harassed by miscreants in an Uber.


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