Indian football team coach wants “maximum aggressiveness” both with and without the ball on the field


The SAFF Championship is right around the corner and the head coach of the Indian football team, Igor Stimac is worried about the first match against Bangladesh. Although the Indian team had won the SAFF championship seven times recently the team’s performance has invited a lot of criticism from fans and critics alike. Igor is worried about the players being too nervous and that affect their performance on the field. Last time within first 45 minutes a lot of line-up changes had to take place due to players underperforming. They lost calm once the ball went out of their hands.

This time Igor wants his team to remain confident and level headed throughout the game. He does not want a repeat of what happened in the last game.

“I just hope that it just doesn’t happen like in the recent games where we had to change three or four players after first 45 minutes when we were not happy with their performance. We need to understand that from the very first second we need to start in disciplined and organised manner. We have to show maximum aggressiveness both with the ball and after losing the ball.”

Igor has been given the responsibility of overlooking the training of the boys and lead them to victory since 2019. The Croatian World Cupper wants to enjoy the game without any worries.

Igor hopes that short practice sessions and a different style will bring in positive results this time

The Indian football team has adopted a different approach to training this season. The players are relying on the understanding of each other and are having short practice sessions that no last minute injury can take place. Igor is confident that the players understand their roles and what is expected of them.

“We are having short practice sessions to reduce the risk of injury and are relying on the understanding that the players know each other very well and are also aware of what we expect of them. So, I am confident and excited about the tournament and would like to enjoy the tournament without any nervousness.”

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