Indian F2 Driver Kush Maini secures a thrilling Second Place at the Spanish Grand Prix


Indian racing driver Kush Maini recently made waves at the F2 Spanish Grand Prix, securing an impressive second place in the sprint race. Representing Invicta Racing, Kush’s performance showcased his skill, determination, and potential on the track.

Kush Maini’s terrific comeback to F2

Kush returned to the F2 circuit fresh from his first F1 test session with Alpine at the Red Bull Ring in Austria. Despite a challenging start—where he suffered wheelspin off the line—he quickly regained his composure.

As the lights went out, Victor Martins of BWT Alpine took the lead, leaving Kush in pursuit. Ritomo Miyata made a daring move from fourth to second, pushing Kush down to fourth. But Kush wasn’t one to stay behind for long.

On lap 2, Kush executed a late manoeuvre to overtake Juan Manuel Correa, securing the fourth position. His teammate Gabriel Bortoleto followed suit, ensuring a strong showing for Invicta Racing.

Victor Martins maintained a lead, escaping the DRS (Drag Reduction System) range of Miyata. By lap 10, he led by 1.5 seconds. Meanwhile, Kush battled Miyata for a podium spot, with the Japanese driver holding a 1.1-second advantage over him.

As the race unfolded, Miyata faced track limit issues, resulting in a five-second time penalty for multiple breaches. His struggle to stay ahead of Kush added another penalty, totalling 10 seconds.

In the final rounds, Martins clinched victory, while Kush moved up to second place. Juan Manuel Correa secured third, benefiting from Miyata’s time penalties. Kush’s sprint race performance was stellar, showcasing his potential in the competitive F2 field.

In the main race, Kush finished sixth, demonstrating consistency and resilience over the entire weekend. Kush Maini’s journey is one of determination, skill, and passion. As he continues to make strides in the racing world, we eagerly await more thrilling moments from this talented Indian driver.

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