Indian Cricket Team’s Assistant Coach urges the Players to get a move on from the IPL mindset


Indian Cricket Team’s Assistant Coach Sanjay Banger spoke about how the Indian team will be focusing more on the importance of rotating the strike and not just be dependent on hitting more and more boundaries.

Banger feels that the Indian team’s ability to play risk-free cricket consistently is what makes them a formidable unit and separate them from the other teams. Moreover, he also urges the players to move out from the IPL mind space and transition into the 50 overs format.

Considering there are 300 balls in an ODI inning as compared to the 120 deliveries, he feels the batsman should not premeditate their shots as they would have in the shortest format of the game in order to be a step ahead of the bowlers.

We have seen 350 plus scores being made frequently in the ODI series between England and Pakistan, Banger adds

“Don’t go by stats. Data serve as a mere tool. By all means, analyse stats, but don’t make your conclusions based on them. It’s how to react to a situation on a particular day that matters…everything counts from making smart decisions to adapting to situations that are unforeseen. You can’t go with a rigid mindset. Be open. Absorb pressure. Respond to situations, overcome challenges and get the job done. As a team, we’re tilted in that direction instead of being over-reliant on numbers.” 

The Indian cricket team will kick-start their world cup campaign from the 5th of June as they square off against South Africa.