India vs South Africa in the Final? What Will Happen If Rain Washes The Ind vs Eng Match

India vs Australia

2024 T20 World Cup: The second semifinal, Ind vs Eng is set to take place on 27/06/2024 in Providence, Guyana. However, there is a massive chance that rain might play spoil sport in the game. So, let’s look at the different possible scenarios:

Ind vs Eng: Match abandoned because of rain

ICC has made extensive plans to ensure that the match goes ahead. However, if match is called off because of extensive rain, India will automatic move to the 2024 ICC T20 World Cup final (India was at the top of Group 1).

ICC’s Plan For Rain Delay

A lot of fans complained that ICC made a mistake by not allotting an extra day to the second semifinal match(ICC allotted 1 extra day for the SA vs AFG match). However, An ICC spokesperson later clarified, “For performance reasons, to ensure teams do not have to ‘play-travel-play’ on consecutive days, the decision was taken to allocate the additional time for the second semi-final immediately post the game because the game is a 10.30am start, whilst the first semi-final is an evening start, which means it is not feasible to play all additional time on the same day.”

Weather in Guyana Today

As per the recent reports, despite a high likelihood of rain we will see the match going ahead. However, ICC requires at least 10 overs bowled for the match to be recorded. And there might be extensive rain delay.

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