India to push bid for 2036 Olympics, to seek inclusion of Yoga, Kho Kho, Kabaddi

Paris Olympics

As India sets its sights on hosting the 2036 Olympics, it aims to showcase its rich cultural heritage and indigenous sports. The country’s sports administrators are gearing up to lobby vigorously during the upcoming Paris Olympics, hoping to enhance India’s chances of securing the quadrennial extravaganza.

India’s aim to prioritize ‘own’ games at the 2036 Olympics

Beyond its status as a global wellness phenomenon, yoga is now poised to make its mark on the Olympic stage. India seeks to include this ancient practice, which has been a powerful soft-power tool for the nation.

A traditional contact sport, kabaddi has deep roots in Indian culture. Its inclusion would celebrate the country’s sporting heritage and provide a platform for kabaddi players to shine on the world stage.

Another indigenous game, kho kho, involves agility, teamwork, and strategy. By advocating for its inclusion, India aims to highlight lesser-known sports and promote their growth.

Alongside yoga, kabaddi, and kho kho, the Mission Olympics Cell (MOC) also proposes adding Twenty20 cricket, chess, and squash to the Olympic roster. These sports resonate with India’s prowess and history.

The Games hosting rights as India will have to fight it out against countries like Qatar, Saudi Arabia, China, Hungary, Italy, Germany, Denmark, Canada, Spain United Kingdom, Poland, Mexico, South Korea, Egypt, Chile, Turkey and Indonesia.

The MOC emphasizes creating a safe environment, curbing doping, and developing infrastructure. As countries express interest in hosting the 2036 Games, India’s bid stands out, driven by a vision that extends beyond medals to cultural representation and inclusivity.

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