India-Pakistan clash like a must-win war, says Virender Sehwag

There have been extended debates over this match of the World Cup.
There have been extended debates over this particular World Cup match.

The Indian cricket team is all set to take on Pakistan on the 16th of June in the World Cup round-robin stages at the Old Trafford.


In an event in Goa on Friday, former Indian opener Virender Sehwag said that the clash between India and Pakistan is nothing less than a war. In the past couple of months, there have been calls for the Indian team to boycott this World Cup clash, from the fans and former cricketers. These calls came in the wake of the militant attacks in Pulwama in February. Sehwag’s opening partner Gautam Gambhir was one of the first voices that asked the Indian team to decide against playing the World Cup match against Pakistan.

Asked if India should or should not play Pakistan, Sehwag replied,” There are two points to be discussed here, whether we should have a war against Pakitan or not (and whether we should play Pakistan).”


“There is another point that is discussed. We should do whatever is good for the country’s welfare. When India and Pakistan play a match, it is nothing less than a war. We should win the war, not lose it,” he told reporters.

The World Cup starts in England on the 30th of May and ends on the 14th of July, this year. All the teams are scheduled to play nine round-robin matches during the course of the tournament before four teams qualify for the Knock-out stages.


Asked for an opinion on the upcoming Lok Sabha polls and whether Sehwag intends to join politics, he replied,” I have always worked on contract. Right from Ranji to the IPL (Indian Premier League), whichever party gives me a good contract, I will join.”

On a lighter note, he added, “The contract should not be less than 100 crores.”