India men’s wrestling coach Hossein Karimi sacked after demanding VIP treatment

Image Courtesy: Outlook India

Indian men’s freestyle coach Hossein Karimi has been shown the door after just six months by the Wrestling Federation of India. It was claimed that the Iranian brought with himself a VIP culture which cannot be followed in the country.

Image Courtesy: Outlook India

The original contract saw Karimi lead the team to Tokyo Olympics but the Iranian was terminated on Wednesday.

WFI Assistant Secretary Vinod Tomar told PTI that the coach was following a VIP culture and it was difficult for him to create a bond with the players.

“He was following a VIP culture and it was increasingly becoming difficult to cope with his demands. We have intimated SAI about this. We are looking for a new coach.”

Tomar also went on to say that the coach had complaints very often and also resorted to staying alone, which did not go well with the committee.

“He always had one or other complaint or rather demand. He refused to stay at the Sports Authority of India (SAI) complex where the national camp is held, so we had to hire a flat near the SAI centre for him. We had to hire a car for him every time he had to travel in India.

“He always insisted on staying alone during tournaments while others shared rooms. Even at the World Championship in Nur-Sultan where two persons were to share the room as per the UWW instructions, he stayed alone. It was difficult to accept all his demands,” said Tomar.

Karimi was hired for a monthly wages of USD 3500 but it rose to USD 5000 due to his additional demands. Also it was revealed that the Iranian had discomfort teaching new techniques to the wrestlers because they were sweaty.

“During the tournament, he would go onto the mat but refused to wipe the sweat of wrestlers which all the coaches do during the bouts. Even during training at the camp, because of the same reason, he did not teach techniques by example because he had a problem touching sweat-soaked wrestlers. It can’t work in India,” said Tomar.

When Karimi himself was questioned on the reasons behind his dismissal, the Iranian did not elaborate much but made a statement that the system wasn’t good.

“They have cancelled my contract. In India, the system is not good. There are a lot of problems,” Karimi told PTI.