India clinch Silver at the 2024 Asia Oceanic Ultimate Frisbee Championships

Indian National Ultimate Frisbee Team

The Indian National Ultimate Frisbee team soared to new heights at the Asia Oceanic Beach Ultimate Championships (AOBUC) 2024 in Shirahama, Japan. Their remarkable journey culminated in a silver medal, marking a historic milestone for the sport of ultimate frisbee in India.

Indian Frisbee team’s performance in the final

In a hard-fought match against the Philippines, India displayed unwavering determination. Despite a close and competitive game, India fell short with a final score of 9-12. The continental championship featured 16 teams from across Asia, Australia, and New Zealand.

The path to the finals was illuminated by a remarkable victory over Japan in the semifinals. This victory showcased the Indian team’s skill, strategy, and unwavering spirit. The Indian ultimate frisbee community rallied behind the national team. Over 15,000 ultimate frisbee players contributed to the incredible crowdfunding efforts.

Uday Kumar, the head coach of the Indian National team, expressed immense pride in the players’ performance.

“We are incredibly proud of our team’s performance. Although we did not win the championship, the dedication and spirit demonstrated by our players were truly inspiring. This experience has set a new standard for Indian ultimate frisbee, and we will continue to strive for excellence.”

Pundari Kumar, President of India Ultimate (IU), hailed reaching the finals as a monumental achievement.

“Reaching the finals is a monumental achievement. Our players have shown tremendous courage and skill. We are grateful for the support from Daisy, High Rise, Aquila EV, and Off-Season Ultimate, as well as the entire ultimate frisbee playing community in India.”

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