Incredible journey of Satnam Singh: From Working as Porter to becoming one of India’s top Armwrestler

Satnam Singh Arm Wrestler won the Sood Classic World Strongman Games
Satnam Singh Arm Wrestler won the Sood Classic World Strongman Games

In a short span of just nine months, Haryana’s Satnam Singh has established himself as one of India’s top Arm Wrestler. Born in Assand, Satnam Singh didn’t even compete in the sport of Arm Wrestling, but convinced by his strength, he took up Arm Wrestling under Nawab Singh who is a professional Arm Wrestler. He took part at the Pro Panja League ranking tournament which took place in Gwalior. It was the first professional tournament that he took part in and he was placed fifth in the 70 kg category.

This was an impressive display by Satnam Singh as the division is filled with top Arm Wrestlers like Rahul Panicker, Tridip Medhi, Akash Kumar etc.

Satnam Singh Arm Wrestler won the Sood Classic World Strongman Games
Arm Wrestler Satnam Singh with his coach Nawab Singh

Satnam Singh also participated in the recently concluded Pro Panja League X Sood Classic World Strongman Games held in Chandigarh last month where he won the Gold medal in the 75kg category. Speaking to Pro Panja League’s Abhishek Singh, Satnam Singh revealed that he trains two hours everyday and works as a porter.

Full interview with Satnam Singh

How did you like the event in Chandigarh?

“I really liked it very much. The event got to a whole new level. I loved being there and the competition was also good in Chandigarh.” 

You lost only one match at the event. Which was the toughest match?

“I lost only one match due to the referees mistake as I got wrong grip in the beginning….. The rest of the matches were quite easy.”

The rule of Running Foul was introduced and it was the first time you played under this rule. What are your thoughts on it?

“I liked the rule. When the pin happens if the players are fouled then a rematch will happen. Even if it’s a foul, the player has to pin his opponent. I had fun playing under this rule. I participated in the Gwalior competition and I got fifth rank. I also competed in Hoshiarpur.”

How do you differentiate Pro Panja League from other events?

“My first competition itself was in Gwalior. This was my first competition in my career.” 

You’ve improved so much since then. You managed to get the fourth rank in such a competition where top-tier arm wrestlers across India particiapted.

“Yes. It’s been nine months since I’ve started going to the gym.”    

You competed in the weight class of 70kg. So, you ranked fourth in such a category where Rahul Panicker and Akash Kumar competes. You will get the chance to compete in that level in the future.

“Yes. I’m working towards going beyond that level. I’m planning to give them a good competition if a match is made between Rahul Panicker and Akash Kumar”

When was the first time you did Arm Wrestling? When was the first time you felt you should pursue Arm Wrestling as a career?

I used to do arm wrestling in school. When the first time I got to the gym, Nawab Singh told me that ‘you should do arm wrestling, you’ll do well.’ He told me about the Gwalior event and told me to participate. I loved to participate in that competition. My performance was also good there. Training is important which helps the athletes go ahead in this sport.” 

How many hours do you train in a day?

“It’s usually one or two hours. I work as a porter. So I go to work in the morning and return by 7:30 in the evening.” 

What are your thoughts on the Mega Matches?

I liked the Mega Matches. I knew Karaj Virk would win the match. I also knew Harman Mann would win.”

How did you like the ambience of the venue?

“It was really great. There were a lot of people at the event. I enjoyed it” 

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