ICC Cricket World Cup 2019: Ravi Shastri Speaks on MS Dhoni-Virat Kohli Rapport 


India’s skipper Virat Kohli who took over the captaincy from veteran MS Dhoni has always stressed on the latter’s influence in the side, which is not just restricted to the runs that he scores, but much beyond that. The same has been testified by Team India’s head coach Ravi Shastri.

Shastri emphasised on the compatibility between the two players and how vital it is for the team. Both the individuals have high regards for each other and strive for a common goal, that is the upliftment of the team.

Speaking about the matter Shastri was heard saying the following:

“I was never ever in doubt about the two of them having the kind of respect they have for each other, wanting to do a good job for each other because in the first phase of my job MS was the captain, the next half Virat was the captain. And I can see the commitment both had for each other when they played was tremendous,”

Shastri spoke about how the youngsters in the side can acquire a cricketing masterclass by merely observing Dhoni and the way he carries himself on the field.

Talking about the contrasting personalities in the team, Shastri added

“We don’t want all personalities to be the same in the team and then you know all hell will break loose, but you need that. That kind of a passion from Virat, the calmness from MS and each player is different. Rohit can be different from Shikhar. Kuldeep could be different from someone like Hardik. You would want that,”