ICC chairman Dave Richardson rules out the news of ICC’s intervention in IPL


After much speculation, the twelfth edition of Indian Premier League is all set to take place in India and the cash-rich league will commence on March 23, much earlier than usual.

The opening match will be played between defending champion Chennai Super Kings and Royal Challengers Bangalore in Chennai. However, it was reported yesterday that the International Cricket Council (ICC) now wants to have a say in the running of the cash-rich Indian Premier League.

However, now ICC chairman Dave Richardson told on Monday that ICC has no plans on intervening in the running of the IPL.

We are fortunate to have some outstanding T20 leagues, including the IPL, which set the gold standard for operations globally and this working group (of ICC) has taken into account those standards when developing the draft set of regulations. Our primary objective is to ensure that other leagues around the world put in place the same minimum criteria and operate within a consistent framework,” Richardson said in a statement.

He said that the news on India media about ICC comments on IPL was taken wide out of proportion.

That is not the case. As the chief executives’ committee and the ICC board were advised over the past few days, the development of the regulations has been led by the working group, on behalf of its members, to ensure the long-term health and reputation of the sport internationally and domestically,” he said.

He said that the ICC has drafted a set of regulation over the past few months which are designed keeping the wellness and safeguards of players in mind.

They (draft regulations) also recognise and encourage the important role that these leagues, when staged by or in partnership with members, can play in the promotion of the sport, in raising operational standards, protecting the health, safety and welfare of its participants and enabling professional cricketers to reap the rewards of their talents by mandating minimum contractual protections for players,” the ICC chief executive said.


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