ICC directs Pakistani cricket board to pay $2 Million to BCCI after losing legal dispute


PCB wanted $63 Million in compensation from BCCI for two bilateral series that didn’t take place in 2014 and 2015. But the ICC’s Dispute Resolution Committee (DRC) has rejected it and instead levied a $2 Million fine on PCB. This amount is 60% of the legal cost incurred by the BCCI while presenting its case.

The PCB had filed the compensation case against India during former chairman Najam Sethi’s era.


The Dispute Panel noted that the PCB should pay 60 per cent of: “(a) the [BCCI’s] Claimed Costs; and (b) the administrative costs and expenses of the Panel which fall within the scope of paragraph 11.4 of the T/R (including, without limitation, the fees of the Tribunal members, and the costs and expenses they incurred in relation to this matter), the figure whereof is to be supplied to the PCB by the ICC“.
“For the BCCI, the victor in the arbitration, to be deprived of all its costs would appear to the Panel to be inappropriate, where the BCCI too had disputed the claim in good faith,” the panel said.In a release, the Pakistan board observed: “The PCB notes the ICC Dispute Panel’s decision on BCCI’s claims for their legal expense incurred on the PCB-BCCI dispute. The award of significantly lesser costs than claimed by BCCI reflects that PCB’s case had merits. The PCB, however, reiterates its disappointment in the original decision/award given against it.“This move will definitely come as a major blow to the Pakistani Cricket Board and added insult it has suffered on Social Media platform.Also Read:https://www.sportsindiashow.com/top-players-including-likes-gary-kirsten-herschelle-gibbs-appear-womens-coach-interviews/