Ian Chappell: Fight Coronavirus with Sachin Tendulkar’s approach in this magical knock!

Image Courtesy: AFP/BCCI
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The novel Coronavirus pandemic has not only halted human life across the globe, it has also hampered all sporting activities. While countries observe lock downs and citizens, sportspersons and celebrities alike remain under self isolation, doctors, nurses and healthcare workers are on their relentless duties to fight the deadly virus outbreak. Amidst these worrying times, former cricketer Ian Chappell provides some much needed inspiration, and what could be better suited as an example than the icon of cricket himself, Sachin Tendulkar?

Image Courtesy: AFP/BCCI

In the current scenario, the human population is undergoing the test of patience, will power and motivation to battle against the COVID-19 outbreak. There has already been over 1,800,000 confimed cases globally, and the death roll has risen to 115,246 till date.

In a recent interview with ESPNcricinfo, Ian Chappell stated that the rules that are there for players, also become useful for citizens in their daily lives.


With the COVID-19 pandemic biting hard, citizens of all countries are being asked to display – among other attributes – patience, determination, and a bit of initiative,” Chappell said in the interview.

The former Australia and South Africa international took to the composure of Sachin Tendulkar, and recalled the former Indian cricket stalwart’s amazing 155 not out in a Test series against Australia back in 1998.


The Little Master, following the advise of Ravi Shastri, pulled off a memorable knock in the second innings of the match, which became the perfect example of Chappell to compare to the current challenge against Coronavirus.

“Tendulkar, having been dismissed cheaply by Warne in the first innings, strides to the crease with his team two down and only 44 runs in front,” Chappell went on, “the ball is spinning sharply and Warne, boosted by a four-wicket haul in the first innings, is confident,”

However, the Men in Blue turned the match around thanks to Sachin’s blistering performance, as the 76 year old continued: “Tendulkar’s determination and initiative were rewarded when he put his well-thought-out plan into operation.”

“He immediately attacked deliveries pitching in the footmarks, and after a series of electrifying shots reached and cleared the boundary, Warne reluctantly went back over the wicket. Tendulkar had won the battle and India would go on to win the Test.” Chappell added.

Later, adding another example of former Australian legend Ian Redpath’s test of patience against West Indies in 1976, Chhappell concluded: “Combine Tendulkar’s initiative and determination with Redpath’s patient courage and you have some of the qualities required to survive this devastating pandemic.”

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