Here’s how to play Counter-Strike 1.6 on your web browser!

Image Courtesy: Valve
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Counter- Strike 1.6, the game that started off as modification of the popular first person shooter game Half Life, became one of the most played games ever. From the school’s computer labs to the gaming cafes and LAN parties, the cherished FPS multiplayer laid the foundation of multiplayer gaming all the way back in the early 2000. Even with subsequent releases like Counter-Strike: Source and the extremely popular Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, the original still maintains a massive player following, even two decades later, and now, you can play the timeless classic shooter directly on your web browser!

Image Courtesy: Valve

The game was first released in the Microsoft Windows platform on 9th November 2000, and with the huge popularity and gathered a religious following by both casual and professional gamers. Over the years the game found its way into OS X and Linux, and later also on the Xbox console. It is currently also available in Steam, the famous video game digital distribution service by Valve, the developers of the Counter Strike series.

However, why all the hassle? Now without spending a dime or having to register for any distribution service, you can just play the game from there directly on your Web browser!


Head over to CS-ONLINE.CLUB, and from there you can directly jump into a match, and relieve the classic terrorist vs counter terrorist settings. Sure, the graphics of a game two decades old looks outdated, but nothing compares to relieving your nostalgia for the benchmark of the classic FPS multiplayer shooter. CS-ONLINE.CLUB features servers in India, and also Asia, Europe, Canada, USA, and Brazil.

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