Harsha Bhogle receives backlash for controversial remarks over COVID-19


The veteran cricket commentator and analyst Harsha Bhogle recently found himself in a controversy over a comment he made on the deadly Coronavirus or SARS-COV-2.

The virus had disrupted normalcy across the whole world and Bhogle has termed the virus in such a manner that he has been lambasted on social media.

Harsha Bhogle says ‘Chinese Virus’, the fans lash out

Yes, Harsha Bhogle took to his Twitter account and called the virus spreading COVID-19 to be ‘Chinese Virus’. The fans on social media have lambasted the veteran commentator.

He wrote: “It doesn’t look like it is going anywhere. The Chinese virus has now infiltrated the England cricket team. The bubbles will get more stringent. I guess there is no other option”

You can check out the Tweet below:

The Covid-19 virus had originated in China but the Chinese Communist Party had denied having any association of virus.

Unfortunately, some have decided to even call Bhogle a ‘Sanghi’ for calling it the Chinese virus. The term was previously popularized by former US President Donald Trump, who also had received strong criticism.

Some of the fans have been polite enough to correct the veteran commentator and others have expressed their disappointment to hear such remarks.

A fan replied: “One doesn’t expect something like this from such a respected voice. Most of the world calls it Covid-19 / Corona, why bring in a country. Sorry, but @bhogleharsha you sound like Donald Trump.”

Other half of the fans have supported Bhogle for his remarks and also hoped that he doesn’t delete it afterwards. One of them wrote: “No one show the guts of saying this Respect”

Harsha Bhogle breaks his silence on the controversy

Bhogle went on to defend himself regarding the comment stating that he believes it is the ‘norm’ to refer it by the country of origin.

Here is what he had to say: “I noticed the use of the South African variant, the Brazil variant and the Indian variant. I guess it is the norm to refer to something by the country of origin.”

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