Harman Mann focusing on Desi diet and techniques in preparation for Pro Panja League’s ranking tournament


Pro Panja League’s 90 Kg Arm Wrestler Harman Mann is all set and ready for Pro Panja League’s ranking tournament which is going to take place in the coming months.

Harman Mann competed in the Pro Panja League’s inaugural event which took place at the Thyagaraj Stadium in New Delhi in February 2020. He won the silver medal in that event and then he participated in the Pro Panja League Mega Matches-1 which took place at the Radio Club in Mumbai last year.

Ahead of the next ranking tournament, Harman Mann gave an exclusive interview to Sports India Show about his preparations for the upcoming tournament.

1.) How excited are you for the upcoming Tournament?

The moment I hear about the Pro-Panja league the level of my excitement gets on another level. Lile the moment I heard about the registrations it just gave me goosebumps. After getting to know about the registrations I have already started my preparations for the tournament. I can definitely say that my excitement level for this tournament is very high.

2.) How is your training going on?

The training is going pretty well. The moment I got to know about the tournament I have doubled my training routine. And about the diet, I don’t particularly do a diet but I believe in my Desi Diet. Like during the winters, I took all the necessary ayurvedic-based medications in my diet. In my training session, I am particularly focusing on my techniques.

3.) how has your experience been with PPL?

If talking about the Pro Panja League experience, I would just be very good, wonderful. Frankly speaking, I’m just speechless, I don’t know how to put it in words. This League has changed my life overall. Whenever I’m participating in the tournament or doing press conferences and shoots, I feel like I’m some celebrity. We all get 5-star treatment with Pro Panja League. This is easily the best experience I have had with any sporting event. I have lots of expectations for the next event and I hope all my expectations are fulfilled.