Hanuma Vihari vs Andhra Cricket Association: Controversy Explained

Hanuma Vihari

Indian cricketer Hanuma Vihari, who has represented the country in 16 Test matches, found himself in the midst of a controversy with the Andhra Cricket Association (ACA). The dispute, which had been ongoing for months, finally saw a resolution on June 4, 2024.

Hanuma Vihari vs ACA

Vihari, who had captained Andhra for one game in the previous Ranji Trophy season, was unceremoniously removed from his position. The 30-year-old cited ‘political interference’ as the reason behind his abrupt dismissal. This incident led to a war of words between Vihari and the ACA, with the association issuing a show-cause notice to him in March of the same year.

In response to the show-cause notice, Vihari sought a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the ACA. An NOC is a crucial document required by a player looking to switch associations. Vihari had been asking for the NOC for two months, having sent four emails to the ACA. However, the association did not immediately grant his request.

The situation took a turn when the assembly poll results started coming in. On the same day, the ACA issued the NOC to Vihari. Vihari confirmed the development on his social media handle, expressing his amusement at the timing of the NOC issuance. He wrote, “I have been asking for NOC from 2 months, mailed them 4 times. Didn’t give my NOC. Now that things have turned, they’ve issued my NOC immediately. lol.”

The issuance of the NOC coincided with the election results showing that the incumbent YSR Congress Party (YSRCP) was being replaced by the TDP-led NDA alliance in the state. This political shift seemed to have an impact on the decision of the ACA.

Prior to the NOC request, Vihari had also expressed his desire to move away from Andhra ahead of the 2023–24 season. Reports suggested that the former India player was interested in joining Madhya Pradesh.

The resolution of this dispute marks a significant moment in Vihari’s cricketing career. With the NOC in hand, he is now free to switch associations and continue his journey in domestic cricket.

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