Gymnast Aakash Bagade’s body paralysed during training


National-level gymnast Aakash Bagade on Monday fractured his spine in training while attempting a double front salto. He fell on his shoulder while doing so and as a result, his entire body below the shoulder got paralyzed.

The C4 vertebra which Aakash Bagade fractured
The C4 vertebra which Aakash Bagade fractured

The national medallist in tumbling had emigrated to Pune to pursue to study engineering and bolster up his gymnastics career.

“We took him to Jahangir [Hospital] where the doctors said that he has a fracture in his C4 [vertebra] and will now need a surgery,” said Aakash Bagade’s coach Madhura Tambe to Scroll.

Furthermore, his family condition is not so great as iterated by his uncle Navnath Pente. “His father has retired from the army and we are now trying to raise money for the surgery,” said the 21-year-old’s uncle.

Gymnastics might not be the most commercially viable sport in the world, but definitely counts in one of the most dangerous ones. The Sportsindiashow team wishes Aakash Bagade a speedy recovery.

Here is a video of the double front salto which the youngster was trying to perform: