Gujarat Giants overpowers Telugu Titans in Pro Kabaddi Season 10

Telugu Titans Coach Srinivas Sreeramaneni and Captain Pawan Sherawat in post match Press Conference

Gujarat Giants defeated the underperforming Telugu Titans with an inspiring comeback in the second half of the game in Match 59 of Pro Kabaddi Season 10. Titans started off well but lost momentum in the later half to gift a win to Giants(37-30).

Rakesh(10 raid points) and Deepak(9 tackle points) were the standout performers for Giants.

Pro Kabaddi

Pro Kabaddi: Telugu Titans takes lead in the first half

Telugu Titans’ Pawan Sherawat kickstarted with a brilliant super raid, but he was a sent to bench in the very next raid. Rakesh then secures a point for Giants. Fazel was brilliant with successful tackles against Robin in a do or die raid and against Pawan Sherawat later.

Rakesh continued his outstanding form getting touch points at crucial junctures, but he was sent to the bench, thanks to an excellent super tackle by Nitin and Sanjeevi in 15th minute. Nitin was exceptional again and with the help of Ajit, he inflicted another super tackle and avoided an all out once again.

Pawan Sherawat returns and gets a point at the stroke of break as Tians got a lead of 5 points(19-14). Telugu Titans successfully avoided an all out on 4 occasion before the break.

Pro Kabaddi: Gujarat Giants held their nerve to triumph

Gujarat Giants came back strong in the very first minute of the second half, inflicting an all out and reduced the lead to just 1 point. Soon, Giants got into the lead thanks to flurry of blunders by Titans and Sonu got the better of Sandeep and Nitin with an all out.

After a timeout in second half, Titans lost the momentum in the game as Giants secured consecutive points in both the aspects. Pawan Sherawat was not effective as Fazel and Deepak had a dream run in defense with a bunch of successful tackles. Giants were able to keep Sherawat out of the game for a majority of time, which turned out to be crucial in Giants’ win.

Gujarat was happy to eat on time in the final moments. Titans were left with no choice other than to surrender to the might of Gujarat Giants.

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