Who are the Golden State Warriors’ Big Three?

Professional basketball is one sport that is known for its long history of famous ‘Big Threes’. (Photo by TJ Dragotta on Unsplash)

In all sports, there are good athletes and then there are great ones. Although it is true that major victories and accomplishments made by a sports team are the product of every member working together, there is no denying that often times a few select stand out among the rest as elite playmakers. These are the powerhouses who continuously put points on the scoreboard and fight relentlessly against their opponents, giving 110% whenever they get their hands on the ball.

The most appropriate sports jargon that has successfully defined this concept over the years is undoubtedly the ‘Big Three’. As its name suggests, these are the best three All-Star quality athletes on any given sports team that frequently work together to make jaw-dropping plays that leave fans stunned. Throughout sports history there have been a handful of incredible Big Threes. In professional baseball many think of the Oakland A’s Tim Hudson, Mark Mulder and Barry Zito. In hockey, the old-school Montreal Habs team of the 70s featuring Serge Savard, Larry Robinson and Guy Lapointe comes to mind. And nowadays in the NBA, a special Big Three are demanding our attention. In this article we take a look at each member of the incredible Golden State Warriors trio: Stephen Curry, Klay Thomspon, and Draymond Green.

Stephen Curry

The leader of the Warriors’ Big Three, Stephen Curry is one of the league’s top shooters. Number 30 possesses a range that is out of this world, with first-class aim and arm strength to accompany it. In fact, just this past December Curry broke the long-standing record for most career 3-pointers during a game against the Knicks at Madison Square Garden. Additionally, in a matchup on New Year’s Day, the shooting guard recorded yet another triple in the first quarter, further asserting his dominance and future Hall of Fame status.

It’s no surprise that the Warriors icon is now this season’s leading contender for an MVP award, rising above Kevin Durant and even last year’s recipient Giannis Antetokounmpo. As the playoffs draw closer and closer, fans are busy analyzing expert NBA odds for the remaining regular season Warriors faceoffs. One thing’s for certain—if Curry continues to play with this level of intensity, the race for a Finals title will be a knockout in the Western Conference.

Klay Thompson

Klay Thompson has just reappeared on the Warriors squad after being out for nearly 2 years from an ankle injury and his long-awaited return to the Big Three is clearly a strong threat to other franchises. In just his first game back, he recorded an impressive 17 points, helping the Warriors defeat the Cleveland Cavaliers just like they did in the 2018 NBA Finals. Analysists noted that Thompson did better than expected and Warriors fanatics were pleased to see that the player is fully recovered and fired up to work with Curry and the rest of the team for the remainder of the season. Celebrations were plentiful on and off the court ahead of the game, with Draymond Green dubbing it ‘Klay Day’ to honor his fellow teammate and friend. With a crucial asset of the trio back to work, there may be no stopping the Warriors franchise from securing total domination in the weeks to come.

The Golden State Warriors now play their home games out of the Chase Center arena in San Francisco. (Photo by Corleone Brown on Unsplash)

Draymond Green

Speaking of Draymond Green, the power forward is the third official member of the Warriors Big Three. While Curry and Thompson are excellent shooters, Green takes care of the defensive side of things. There’s no question that his blocking abilities and athletic toughness are what gives the shooters both space and time to put points up. Thompson has gone so far as to say that his teammate is the best defender in the history of the game, a player who continually proves to the rest of the squad that he will step up and lead no matter what.