Gold at Paris will be a tribute to Indian Hockey and senior players: Captain Harmanpreet Singh

Captain Harmanpreet Singh

Indian men’s hockey team captain, Harmanpreet Singh, is eagerly preparing to reclaim the gold medal at the upcoming Paris Olympics. His ambitious mission aims to pay tribute to India’s rich hockey legacy and the legendary figures who have shaped the sport in the country.

India, having won eight Olympic gold medals in the past, ended a 41-year drought by clinching a bronze at the Tokyo Olympics. This historic achievement reignited the glory days of hockey in the country. Now, as the 2024 Paris Olympics approach, Harmanpreet and his team are focused on nothing less than bringing home the gold medal.

Harmanpreet Singh aims big at Paris Olympics

“We are giving our all to elevate our history and legacy. Winning the gold will be a tribute to India and our seniors,” the ace drag-flicker said. The Indian team’s determination reflects their commitment to honour the nation and the stalwarts of the game.

Manpreet Singh, who captained the Indian team to the historic bronze medal at the Tokyo Olympics, shares this perspective. “Seeing our flag on the right, I felt we could strive harder to place it at the centre next time, with our anthem playing. This marks the beginning of our renewed journey,” he said.

PR Sreejesh, the experienced goalkeeper of the Indian team, emphasizes the unwavering determination and united mentality of his teammates. “Someone somewhere is training to beat you. That thought pushes me out of my comfort zone. Every time I train, I am driven by the desire not to disappoint the 1.4 billion people of our country.”

The transformation of Indian hockey from relying on individual brilliance to playing as a cohesive unit has been key to their success on the international stage. As Craig Fulton, India’s chief coach, explains, “There isn’t a team that this Indian team hasn’t beaten. The whole philosophy in my mind is to defend, to counter, and to win – having a team that can defend against the best teams in the world but then counterattack from anywhere.”

In Paris, the Indian hockey team aims not only for victory but also to etch their names in history as torchbearers of a proud legacy. The gold medal would be more than an achievement; it would be a tribute to India’s enduring passion for the sport and the heroes who paved the way.