Glenn McGrath remembers one ‘unusual’ interaction with Sachin Tendulkar

Image Courtesy: AFP

The omnipresence of Sachin Tendulkar in the Indian cricketing scene is idolised not just because of his talent with the bat, but also as how he behaved as a cricketer. Revered by commentator Harsha Bhogle as ‘the servant of the game’, the Master Blaster iconic for his calm and reserved approach to the sport, and his gentleman nature on the 22 yards in well known. However, there has been one instance when even Sachin blew a fuse, as Aussie legend Glenn McGrath speaks.

Image Courtesy: AFP

At the World Economic Forum (WEF) Annual Meeting in the last week, Glenn McGrath was present in a private interview session, where the former Australian international remembered his cricketing days and his on field engagements with Sachin.

The 46 year old, who retired from ODI cricket in 2012 and from Test and domestic cricket the next year, fell victim to the famous controversial LBW in the Test match between India and Australia back in December 1999, when he was facing McGrath in an over.

Recalling the event, McGrath also revealed an instance from a Champions Trophy match in Kenya, where the cool headed Indian run machine lost his temper.

“I bowled to him, he pulled it and it went straight up in the air. I thought I had got him out and the wicket keeper would get an easy catch,” McGrath told reporters.

The 49 year old, who has earned 358 Test and 113 ODI caps, was fooled by the ball’s position, as it ended up behind the boundary line instead of the keeper or the fielder’s palms.

He continued: “But there was a breeze there and the ball kept drifting further and further away from the wicket keeper and then I thought the third man is going to take it who was ready to catch it and then he started going back and back and the ball finally fell out of the fence for a six.”

Despite being dazzled over Sachin’s six, McGrath was surprised after hearing cuss words from the Little Master himself.

“I was not very impressed and then I could hear someone saying a few words to me and I turned around and it was Sachin sledging me. That was very unusual and had not happened before,” McGrath added.

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