Glazers’ message to Jose Mourinho: Pipe down!


The owners of Manchester United have told Jose Mourinho to shut his mouth after the spats with Paul Scholes and FA. The huge fanbase of Manchester United can be splitted if these sorts of incidents happen in a regular basis. The club management of Manchester United are currently contesting their manager’s FA Charge for using foul language.

The deadline for the manager to contest the FA charge is until 6pm of Wednesday and it could result in a touchline ban. A TV camera was focused towards Jose Mourinho after the end of the match against Newcastle United. The Red Devils were two goals down in the match against Newcastle United. But after a great performance in the second half, Manchester United have won the match with a margin of 3-2.


Jose Mourinho was really excited after such a dramatic win against Newcastle United and he used foul language in front of the camera. Jose Mourinho used the phrase “fodas filhos de puta”, which translates into English as ‘f*** off sons of b*****s”. Earlier Jose Mourinho has been given warning by the Glazers family about criticising his own players in front of the media. After that, Jose Mourinho stopped talking about his team’s players openly. On the other hand, the Glazers family have told Jose Mourinho to have a good relationship with the legendary footballer Paul Scholes.


A touchline ban is looking to be imminent for Jose Mourinho for using abusive language. Such things are not very much likely for a club like Manchester United. That’s why it might be better for Jose Mourinho to stop his mouth to save his job at Old Trafford.