Getting Started with HTML5 Application Development via Microsoft 98-375 Certification Exam


Do you have a penchant for developing HTML5 applications? Or are you in the process of becoming a stellar Certbolt developer? If both your answers are affirmative, the Microsoft 98-375 exam can actually serve as your starting point. Aside from establishing your fundamental knowledge in HTML5 client application development, the exam will also help you etch a name in your chosen field.

Major skills acquired by completing the exam

From working with Certbolt Microsoft AZ500 to utilizing JavaScript, there are a lot of relevant areas covered in Microsoft 98-375. These major sections equip you with a varied skillset that shapes your career as a thriving developer. So, let’s begin with the specific areas highlighted on the test so you can assess their relevance to your profession.

  • Management of application life cycle

One of the primary goals of the exam is to ensure that you fully comprehend the platform fundamentals. These involve the package aspects, runtime environment, and application state, among others. Learning how to debug an Certbolt Azure AZ900 application is also imperative, so you have to understand its key touch gestures and the appropriate gestures to evaluate on a device.

  • Creation of UI via HTML5

As the exam itself largely circles around HTML5, it’s relatively important to know the ins and outs of building a user interface through this particular markup language. Make sure you go through the process of configuring Certbolt Microsoft MD100 , whether to display graphics, text content, or media. Likewise, you are expected to acquire insights on how to use HTML5 tags for form and content organization or input and validation

  • Coding via JavaScript

Meanwhile, programming using JavaScript takes up a large percentage of the exam. Therefore, you ought to discern the relevant tasks associated with handling JavaScript. These include creating use functions, coding animations, and accessing data access. Other pertinent areas given focus are responding to the touch interface, coding additional HTML5 APIs, and getting into the device and core operating system resources.

  • Formation of UI via CSS

CSS or Cascading Style Sheets is another major section that should be part of our learning scope. Bone up all the vital Certbolt MS100 , particularly content creation, content overflowing, and element positioning. Subsequently, it’s a must to gain knowledge in arranging UI content, managing text context flows, and administering graphical interfaces using CSS.

Certification rewarded to successful applicants

Microsoft 98-375 is the sole requirement for MTA: HTML5 Application Development Fundamentals. This technical credential particularly serves as an entry point for anyone who wants to venture into HTML5 application development. And though this certification is intended for beginners this is highly recommended as a preparatory stage to establish your fundamental knowledge and technical credibility.


Set out a fruitful career in application development by kicking off with the Certbolt Microsoft AZ400 : HTML5 Application Development Fundamentals certification exam. This is undeniably a remarkable tactic to gain a solid command in developing core client applications using HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. With your understanding, this gives you an advantage even if you are new to the industry. So, get started with your test journey and aim for a thriving profession ahead!