How to get started with SRL Cricket

How to get started with SRL Cricket

As sports fans, we want to consume as much of our favourite sports as possible. We’re not satisfied with simply watching live cricket games. We immerse ourselves in the latest news, and we play any cricket game we can get our hands on.

A prime example of this is SRL cricket – Simulated Reality League Cricket. This is a virtual sporting event, where data is used to determine results, rather than actual events. A lot of bettors enjoy playing and betting on SRL while they wait for updates from real cricket matches.

Below, we will tell you more about SRL cricket and how you can get started.

The basics of SRL cricket

SRL is made up of a number of matches from the main cricket leagues. Every club is created based on the performances of the team over the past 200 games. The data is then utilised as a factor in the computer-generated simulation of events.

You can then bet on these matches at certain bookmakers.

Drafts and transfers are part of the equation. If a player moves clubs, their statistics from the previous club will then pass over to the new season.

However, it is critical to remember that SRL is not a simple stats comparison. It is a simulation. If you were to test the same event a number of times, different results would be yielded, from small deviations to having different winners all together.

The same fundamentals are followed as the real version of cricket

As a cricket simulation, it still follows the fundamentals of real cricket. However, only T20 is used in SRL. The two other popular formats, One Day Internationals and Test Cricket, are not.

Typically, such games will last for three hours and sometimes longer if there are injuries or penalties. Such circumstantial instances are not part of SRL games. Therefore, a game will only last for approximately two hours.

A computer-generated game of Twenty20 cricket still follows the game’s standard rules. There are 20 overs, each with six balls unless dismissed via another means.

You can bet for every over if you wish. There are also betting markets for the final and beginning parts of the game in terms of in-play betting.

In terms of injuries and penalties, you do not have to go through the tedious process of waiting for players to get in position and such like.

If you have ever bet on a virtual sports market before, SRL should not take too much getting used to.

There is plenty of fun to be had with SRL cricket

So there you have it: an insight into SRL cricket and the fun that you can have while playing this game.

If you are a fan of cricket, the SRL gives you the ability to get more immersed in the sport and enjoy virtual games while you wait for real matches to take place.