Game Of Boards: Is a Super Series between the top 4 cricketing nations a good idea?


While the Super Series might look like a delicate friendly contest between fierce cricketing nations, it has several nuances that will result in major ramifications that can change cricket as we know it after further probing.

Much like the popular television show Game Of Thrones, the latest spectacle between the unification of the allied boards against the ruling ICC poses edge of the seat drama. ICC’s carefully naturesque panned out ODI program right after the 2023 World Cup has been opposed by the BCCI due to the incorporation of an extra 50-over tournament. The extra tournament will take a major hit on BCCI’s revenues.

While there are ravens in the fantasy world of Westeros, here instead of carrier birds, we have a slew of e-mails which were written by BCCI’s CEO Rahul Johri to the ICC’s counterpart warning him to hold off making any “premature” decisions which could lead to major “repercussions”. Much like a prophecy, it has come true with the BCCI heading the battle against the ICC with ECB and CA by its side.

As soon as his appointment as the president of the BCCI, Sourav Ganguly gave a warning cry to the people involved and promised a course of action.

“That’s one area, we will have to take care of it because we have not received any money in the last three-four years from the ICC,” Ganguly said. “Money in the sense what you deserve because India generates 75-80% of the (global cricket) revenue, so that is going to be one of the big agendas. Talks and discussions need to happen and we need to find a solution because this is not leading anywhere.”

While the creation of a Super Series would guarantee an exemplary quality of cricket with 3 of the 4 World Cup finalists already there. But it would not go down well with the ICC who have prohibited non-ICC tournaments comprising of three or more teams.

Sourav Ganguly stayed true to his words and has approached a different avenue to get the revenue which won’t be obtained with the participation in the additional ICC approved 50-over tournament. The BCCI President dropped the bombshell

“Australia, England, India and another top team will feature in the Super Series, which begins in 2021, and the first edition of the tournament will be played in India,” 

However, the Prince Of Bengal’s enthusiasm wore out slowly after getting cagey and revealing that nothing is confirmed as of yet.

The Super Series threatens to burst the perfectly balanced bubble created to benefit all the members of the organization. The existence of the big three ceases to bring forward disarray which will mean moving away from harmony and growth.

With cricket growing faster and broader ever than before, the boards need to reach a settlement with the ICC instead of searching and going for an alternative route to generate revenue. The approach will only result in the stalling of the globalization of this beautiful sport.

For the very first time since its inception, cricket would be waging a war where neither bat or swords, ball or bullets won’t solve the issue at hand. The sooner there is a compromise, the longer the sport lasts.

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