Former teammates reveal instance when MS Dhoni totally lost composure and threw his bat!

Image Courtesy: AFP

It has been more than fifteen years since Mahendra Singh Dhoni marked his place in the Indian cricket team. From numerous personal achievements to captaining India to the ultimate glory in the 2011 World Cup win, the former skipper earned the nickname of ‘captain cool’ for his level headed approach to even the trickier situations in the game. However, sometimes the nerves got better of even the cool captain, and there have been instances when Dhoni’s angry side was revealed, and his former teammates Gautam Gambhir and Irfan Pathan reveal one such incident during his playing career.

Image Courtesy: AFP

The two retired cricketers were present in the latest episode of Star Sports’s ‘Cricket Connected’, where Gautam Gambhir recalled the 2007 ICC Cricket World Cup days. It was Dhoni’s first World Cup as the Indian captain, just a couple of months prior to the historial World T20 victory in the same year.

Speaking about the world cup, Gambhir memorised that there were a number of incidents when the calm and composed Mahi was seen throwing a fit towards his teammates for bad performance.

“People say that they have never seen him (Dhoni) lose his cool, but I have on a couple of times. It was during the 2007 World Cup and in other World Cups, when we haven’t done well,” Gambhir said on the show.

And it was not just the Men in Blue, the Chennai Super Kings squad also experienced the angry side of Dhoni for doing silly mistakes in a match, Gambhir, the former Kolkata Knight Riders captain went on: “He’s human and he’s bound to react as well. It’s absolutely fair enough to do that. Even at CSK, if there’s a misfield or if someone has dropped a catch.” 

“Yes, he’s cool, he’s probably much cooler than the rest of the other captains. Much cooler than me for sure!” Gambhir, who himself was known for his composed attitude on the 22 yards added.

One particular incident that Irfan Pathan still promptly remembers during 2006-07 when he saw the rage of a young Mahi during training .

“During the warm-up, we had a game where the right-handed batsman would bat with the left-hand and vice-versa. After we finished the warm-up, we used to get into our practice.” Pathan recalled a practice drill.

“So, during the warm-ups, there were 2 teams. Once MS Dhoni was given out which he didn’t think he was. He threw his bat and made a dash to the dressing room and came late for the practice. So, he does get angry,” the former all rounder added.

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