Former Ranji trophy cricketer found dead; son arrested for murder

Image Courtesy: TOI
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In a shocking incident, K Jayamohan Thampi, former Ranji Trophy cricketer who played for the Kerala cricket team, was found dead in his home last week. Following a police investigation, it was revealed that he was murdered, and his son Ashwin has been arrested.

Image Courtesy: TOI

Thampi, the 64 year old former right-handed batsman and wicketkeeper who played six first class matches for Kerala, was discovered in a decomposed state at his residence in Manacaud, Thiruvananthapuram, 36 hours after his death. Police arrived at the scene after a foul malodour was found emitting from his house.

Following a suspicious narrative from Thampi’s son Ashwin, police decided to apprehend him, as more than a day had passed since Thampi’s death, and nobody except Ashwin lived in the house.


The postmortem reports revealed that Thampi died after sustaining a critical head injury. which happened after a drunken brawl with his son, as it was found out after questioning Ashwin.

Ashwin, Thampi’s son. (Image Courtesy: Kerala Kaumudi)

“The father and son had a habit of regularly consuming alcohol together at home. On Saturday too, they consumed liquor,” the investigating officer spoke to Times of India.


Following the death of Thampi’s wife Anitha two years ago, both father and son lived together in the house.

“Aswin, who possessed Jayamohan Thampi’s debit card, wanted to withdraw money from the ATM to buy more liquor, which Thampi refused. This made way for a brawl between them,” the officer revealed the findings from Ashwin’s interrogation.

“They brawled on the verandah (Balcony) of the house, where Thampi slipped and fell, banging his face against the floor. He lay there for some time until his son came back and dragged his body back inside the house. Then, he continued to consume liquor until he passed out,” he added.

In addition to his short stint with the Kerala cricket team, Thampi also played as a guest cricketer for State Bank of Travancore (SBT), where he also landed a job as a deputy general manager.

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