Former Pakistani cricketer Javed Miandad goes on strong worded rant about India’s CAA situation: ‘India is finished! ICC should ban India!’

Image Courtesy: AP/TOI

While Pakistan has finally come out of their decade long ban from ICC from hosting test cricket series, there has been an uprising in the protests and riots against the Citizenship Amendment Act, issued by the Bharatiya Janata Party. Amongst the celebration of the ban lift, Pakistani cricketing legend Javed Miandad has appealed to the International Cricket Council to issue the same ban on India.

Image Courtesy: AP/TOI

Hosting Sri Lanka in their first Test series after the ban, the same team that was the victim of the henious 2009 Lahore attack, when Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, a Pakistan based terrorist group, opened fire on a bus carrying Sri Lankan cricketers near the Gaddafi Stadium. Six Sri Lankan cricketers were injured, and six Pakistani policemen and two civilians were killed.

However, Miandad believes the violent clashes between policemen and the rioters in India to be on the same level as the jihadist militants, and made an appeal to the ICC to issue the same ban on India.

In a video posted on Pakistani blog website, the 62 year old said:

“My message to ICC, please stop all the playing countries (from) touring India. Now you can see, now (we) will see the justice from ICC, what are they going to do and what they are going to say to the world.I want to request ICC to also stop India from touring other countries. Racism is going on in India and hatred against Kashmiris and Muslims. We sportspersons should also raise these issues.”

The former coach of the Pakistan cricket team, Miandad earned 71 test caps and 15 ODI caps. His last ODI was in 1996 against India, the country that he emphasized on to detest.

“I urge all countries to stand for the human being and condemn India. The whole world is watching and everyone is concerned, the UN is talking about it. All the countries should take a stand against India where they are killing people like animals. India should be ashamed. India is finished.” he added.

Just a couple of days ago, Pakistan Cricket Board chief Ehsan Mani addressed in the same manner, stating that the protests and riots in India makes it much more risky for teams to play cricket rather than Pakistan. Soon after, the BCCI vice president Mahim Verma hit him back with a befitting reply, saying “They should look at security in their own country first and think about it first. We are capable enough to handle our country and security here.”

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