Former Pakistani Captain Inzamam-ul-Haq Accuses ICC of Rigging the 2024 T20 World Cup to Favour This Team


Former Pakistani captain Inzamam-ul-Haq has raised concerns over what he perceives as preferential treatment towards India in the ICC T20 World Cup 2024. On a recent TV news show, Inzamam highlighted discrepancies in the tournament rules that seem to favour India over other teams, particularly in crucial knockout matches.

Inzamam’s Arguments against Indian Cricket

Inzamam pointed out that while one semifinal has a reserve day scheduled, the other, involving India, does not. He argues that this decision puts India at an advantage because if their match is affected by rain and cannot be completed, India would progress based on their higher group stage finish.

In his words, “There are 2 semifinals, out of which only one has a reserve day. India’s match does not have a reserve day because they finished first in the group, and in case of a washout, India will progress, advantaging India. ICC is making rules for particular matches, they are not keeping it uniform and fair.”

Inzamam drew a comparison with the 2023 Asia Cup when a reserve day was allotted only for India vs. Pakistan clash after the tournament had started. He mentioned how in certain critical matches, such as when Pakistan was poised advantageously, ICC introduced reserve days selectively, raising questions about fairness. His concern is that such practices undermine the integrity of the tournament and create an uneven playing field.

“The same thing happened in the last Asia Cup when Pakistan was in a strong position in the tournament, ICC introduced a reserve day for just one match in the entire tournament,” said Inzamam.

Inzamam expressed frustration over what he sees as the dominance of India in influencing ICC decisions. He lamented the shift from the concept of the ‘Big 3’ (India, Australia, and England) to what he terms the ‘Big 1,’ where India’s influence appears to supersede that of other cricketing nations.

“We have been hearing the talks about “Big 3″ in cricket. But this time, even England cannot do anything. From last year, it seems like the Big 3 has become Big 1, with only India dominating the decisions,” the former Pakistan player said.

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