Former England player claims making Paul Pogba captain of Manchester United will be as catastrophic as making David Beckham the captain of England

Paul Pogba might become Manchester United's captain the next season and not everyone is happy with it

Rumors are floating in the internet that Ole Gunnar Solskjaer will hand over captain’s armband to Paul Pogba the next season in an attempt to keep him at Manchester United. While the fans are happy with it, former Leeds and England player Danny Mills believes that it will be a disastrous move.

Paul Pogba might become Manchester United’s captain the next season and not everyone is happy with it

He even compared it as catastrophic as David Beckham leading England under Sven-Goran Erikkson. Beckham got so much power in the team that he even dictated the team on what to eat at what restaurants. Mills believe the same will happen with Manchester United if Paul Pogba is maid the captain.

“He is already the pin-up boy for Manchester United; he’s on all the posters, he is what sells, he is the main reason why they have got a lot of these commercial contracts and brings a lot of money into the club. If you start giving him even more power and give him captaincy, his attitude is not the greatest and we’ve seen this season that he can down tools at times. His attitude is not always spot on.”

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