Former ECW and Intercontinental Champion John Morrison rejoins WWE in a long-term deal


WWE Backstage may be a new show to the WWE viewers, and the casual may not watch the show, but it sure gives us a lot of surprises. Firstly, they introduced CM Punk back into WWE, a moment which few believed to be possible. The latest episode of WWE Backstage revealed that former WWE superstar-turned-indie darling John Morrison has signed with the WWE in a long-term contract.

John Morrison, real name John Hennigan, debuted in WWE during the ‘ruthless aggression’ period under the name Johnny Nitro. After a few years, Hennigan changed his ring name to John Morrison, modelling his look on singer Jim Morrison. In WWE, Morrison won the ECW and Intercontinental Titles, among other accolades. After leaving WWE, Hennigan became a known figure in the indie circuit, becoming famous for his extensive use of ring names which includes Johnny Mundo, Johnny Impact and others. He became the top champion in both Lucha Underground and Impact Wrestling, wowing the audience with charisma and high-flying moves.

Now 40 years old, Morrison’s return to WWE has been rumoured for months, although Morrison has trashed the rumours; now, this announcement confirms his return to WWE, reportedly in a five-year deal. Morrison himself has tweeted about his situation:

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