Former Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger invests in tech firm

The former Arsenal boss has invested in a tech-firm

It has been years since Arsene Wenger has managed a football club and his chances of returning back as a football manager look bleak. However, the Frenchman seems to have taken a new career path.

The former Arsenal boss has invested in a tech-firm called PlayerMaker

Wenger has invested in a tech-firm PlayerMaker, which uses a boot-mounted device to analyse tactical, technical, and physical performance.

“I believe it’s the best available solution at the moment to measure performances. I invested in this company. I’m not sponsored, I put my money in it. It’s not so much because I think it will make a huge amount of money, it’s more because I think that it’s something interesting that can help sport and football.”

Formula 1 World Champion Nico Rosberg started his second innings by funding Silicon-valley startups. When quizzed if he wants to don a similar role, Wenger refutes.

“I know him and we had chats about that I personally want more to share my knowledge that I’ve got from my vast experience and help companies. I want as well still to be involved in the game.”

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