Football: Despair piles up on Thierry Henry at Monaco


Things go from bad to worse for AS Monaco boss Thierry Henry as his managerial stint with the 2016-17 Ligue 1 champions and 2017-18 runner-ups respectively, after starting off on the most bumpiest road filled with countless potholes, takes tumble after tumble while all hopes of saving the club’s footballing status goes downhill match after match.

Being marred by all sorts of problems on all fronts and ends at Monaco, be it injuries or Football Leaks reports allegations or anything else, Henry’s despair knows no bounds at the Stade Louis II. Taking a look at the club on the pitch, the once Ligue 1 champions now sit in the relegation zone in the 19th place with 13 points from 18 games, just a couple ahead of bottom placed Guingamp, having lost nine of their last twelve Ligue 1 games. To make matters worse, Henry’s men suffered a disastrous and embarrassing 2-0 defeat at home to the latter.

The Arsenal legend, though hailed as a hero in England, is now bombarded by the media for everything, being branded as “pathetic”, and might be seen as the ‘next’ Jose Mourinho – criticizing his players for not showing enough grit and will to even play, game after game. “Without desire, it is difficult to win. Without showing depth, it is difficult to win,” he explained.

As for the Football Leaks allegations by Mediapart, the reports claim Monaco vice president Vadim Vasilyev makes 10% off all transfer profits that the club makes, and while all of this goes on around the club, Henry continues to cut a forlorn figure in France.