How football camp during holidays can help your child ?


Football camp is one of the most popular summer activities for children. During this time, they can build new skills and make friends while practicing with the biggest clubs in Europe. Popular clubs like AC Milan and Real Madrid offer football camps for children where they teach them the theory and practicality of football.

Who can attend football camps ?

Football camps are open to children of different ages. Each one has programs designed to match their age and abilities. Camps for 12 to 16-year-olds stand out more because they are more common. 

The camps are divided into male and female camps. So if you have a football enthusiast daughter, she can join a camp to hone her skills.

Football camp seasons 

These camps are not open all year round. They are only organized for a short period, like summer or spring, usually when professional players are on a break. Also, these seasons are perfect because of the weather, so they are safer for the children. 

Each camp takes around one week to one month depending on the age of the children. If you prefer a longer training period, there are options to choose from.

Football camp locations

These camps are spread out across Europe. Most countries with good football teams have football camps. If your child lives in Paris, there’s a camp available for them. The same applies to those around Italy or Spain. 

If you also want a camp in a different country, you can make it a family holiday and enjoy the sights while your child trains. 

How the camp works ?

A football camp is like a regular school in terms of starting the day. The children get ready and have breakfast by 9 am and start their training session immediately after. By the time they are done with training, they head out to have lunch. 

A training session follows lunch and some classes to teach them more about football. Before bed, the children will have dinner and be entertained so they can have a good night’s rest. 

Is a football camp worth it ?

A football camp is not cheap, but it comes with some benefits for your child. Getting a child with an interest in football into a camp can kick-start their career. If your child dreams of becoming a football player, it is a perfect start for them.

Besides making their dreams come true, the camps will help kids to learn about the pitch and the rules of the game. The physical benefits are also great. When kids spend most of their day on the pitch, they develop their muscles and improve their endurance. 

These football camps also help children to learn to work as a team. Living in a group environment is the easiest way to do this. They will also learn how to relate with others and make friends easily. 


A football camp is fun for young kids and also educates them about the game in general. Find out more about football camps for children on this page