FIFA to organise the World Cup every two years?!


The FIFA World Cup may be held on a biennial basis if FIFA accepts a recent proposal from CONMEBOL president Alejandro Dominguez. The idea is to give players greater opportunities to play on the grandest stage of them all instead of having a separate Nations League for the gap between the 4 years.

This proposition was made in 1999 when the then FIFA President Sepp Blatter mooted the idea without earning enough support to execute the plan but the South American federation has recently submitted the notion to FIFA.

Dominguez said that he wasn’t opposed to the idea of a Nations League, rather, he was all for it but a World Cup every two years would be a better idea. Players would have greater opportunities to perform at the highest level, because otherwise, most players finish their careers with only a couple of appearances in the World Cup to show for.

The tournament will have 48 teams playing rather than 32 from the 2026 World Cup but the CONMEBOL president hopes to see an even greater change in the tournament with the idea of providing greater opportunities to the players.

There is a proposal put forward to FIFA to take it over, and say whether it is a global Nations League or whether there is an opportunity to play the World Cup every two years.“, Dominguez concluded.

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