F1 World and Cricket Fans React to Oscar Piastri ‘s IPL announcement


Oscar Piastri, a young Australian Formula One driver has been making waves on the F1 track with his excellent rookie year at racing. While fans await how he performs throughout the season a question of the Australian driver on cricket showcased how Piastri has more than just racing on his mind.

In fact, renowned figures of both F1 community and Cricket as well as fans answered his question and offered their suggestions to the Australian driver.

Oscar Piastri shocks everyone with a question

The IPL is currently at its peak, with fans passionately cheering for their favorite teams. The craze for the tournament isn’t limited to India alone, as evidenced by Piastri’s recently posed question, which reflects the widespread excitement and interest in the event.

The Australian F1 driver took X and posed a question: “Getting into the @IPL this year. Any suggestions who I should support?”

Fans offered suggestions to talented young drivers and invited them to follow one of the teams they love in the IPL. Suggestions came in for teams like Hyderabad, Chennai, RCB, Rajasthan, and many others. Comparing this invitation to the IPL with an earlier appearance, one reply garnered the limelight.

Pat Cummins who was the only bowler who survived in yesterday’s high-scoring match with his fiery spell of 2/35 offered the Australian to Sunrisers:

How deeply Oscar Piastri is connected with Cricket?

Before his F1 debut, Piastri enjoyed playing Aussie rules football and cricket. These sports fueled his competitive spirit and laid the groundwork for his racing career. While he may not have pursued a professional career in cricket or Aussie rules football, he still cherishes memories of watching summer cricket back home in Australia.

Piastri’s love for cricket runs deep. He has been vocal about his passion for the sport, even donning Brett Lee’s winning Cricket jersey from 2003. In a playful exchange, he teased Indian commentator Karun Chandhok after Australia’s victory in the Men’s Cricket World Cup. Piastri tweeted, “Want you entering the Abu Dhabi paddock in an Aussie cricket top please, @karunchandhok. Only fair. Shame you’re not here mate. We could have matched!”.

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