F1 legend Bernie Ecclestone claims black people ‘more racist’ than whites

Image Courtesy: Sky Sports/CNN

The death of George Floyd has catalysed a massive anti-racism campaign across the world, with protests happening in many countries, and many iconic faces from the global sports fraternity coming forward in support of equality, and some have even shared their own account of experiencing racism in their career. However, former chief executive of the Formula One Group and F1 driver Bernie Ecclestone is now the centre of controversy, as the veteran’s recent statement of finding black people ‘more racist’ than whites, has been spewing reprimand towards him.

Image Courtesy: Sky Sports/CNN

Recently, Formula 1 icon Lewis Hamilton decided to launch ‘The Hamilton Commission’, an initiative to increase diversity in the Motorsport scene and to encourage more black youngsters to join the industry.

However, the initiative was something that Ecclestone is dubious about, as he feels the initiative will not bring about any major changes in Formula 1.

“Lewis is a little bit special,” although Ecclestone hailed the six time World Champion during his interview with CNN, he expressed hesitation regarding the Hamilton Commission.

“I don’t think it’s going to do anything bad or good for Formula One,” the F1 Supremo continued, “it’ll just make people think which is more important. I think that’s the same for everybody.

“People ought to think a little bit and think: ‘Well, what the hell. Somebody’s not the same as white people and black people should think the same about white people’,” Ecclestone added.

However, it was what the veteran Brit said afterwards that has been making headlines all around.

“In lots of cases, Black people are more racist than what White people are,” the 89 year old concluded.

The controversial statement is earning Ecclestone criticism all around, and Formula One themselves have rejected their former chief’s statement.

“At a time when unity is needed to tackle racism and inequality, we completely disagree with Bernie Ecclestone’s comments that have no place in Formula 1 or society,” an official statement from F1 read.

“Mr Ecclestone has played no role in Formula 1 since he left our organisation in 2017, his title Chairman Emeritus, being honorific, expired in January 2020,” the statement added.

Regarding the statement, Hamilton himself has retaliated at Ecclestone.

“Bernie is out of the sport and of a different generation but this is exactly what is wrong – ignorant and uneducated comments which show how far we as a society need to go before real equality can happen,” the 35 year old wrote in his Instagram story.

Image Courtesy: Instagram(@lewishamilton)

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