Exclusive with Thoithoiba Mangang: I want to become a coach and guide boxers!


For the latest edition of the NE athlete profile, we reached out to Thoithoiba Mangang.

Earlier this month, we started an athlete profile series for boxers based in the North-Eastern region of India. Often known as the seven sister states, the region has produced some of the best boxers in India.

However, often these boxers are ignored by the mainstream media of our country and Sports India Show aims to bring some of the best stories to the people living in mainland India. In this edition, we talk to Thoithoiba Mangang, who hails from Manipur and has won numerous state-level championships.

Thoithoiba Mangang

Rupendra Sharma, a local businessman from Imphal and an MMA/Boxing enthusiast helped us in getting in touch with Thoithoiba Mangang and with the translation.

1.) How has the lockdown affected your training? Were you able to train at all?

The lockdown has affected me very much as I haven’t been able to train right all. All the gym in the areas is closed.

So right now, I am training with my brother at home, doing light sparring, shadow boxing. sometimes he holds down the mitt pads for me and that’s how we have improvised so far.

2.) How did you get started in boxing?

I was passionate about the sport right from the very beginning. I started training in the sport since 2012 an then I enrolled in something called YAS (Youth Affairs and Sports) and started training under coach Moirangthem Narajit.

3.) Where are you training right now and what are your expectations from the sport?

I am currently training under SAI (Sports Authority of India) under Dingko Singh and I hope to medal at the National and international tournaments for India.

4.) Are you satisfied with the level of training that you’re currently getting at SAI?

Yeah, I am very much satisfied with the level of training that I am currently getting at SAI and never had the experience of training at a better facility than SAI.

5.) What sort of training do you do at SAI?

I do whatever, the coaches tell me to do. Ranging from sparring, weight training, the conditioning and they also work on my speed, foot movement and upper body movement.

6.) You have won numerous medals at the state level, but haven’t had the experience to compete at the national level yet, when are you planning to do that?

First of all, I am only 21-years old and I would like to take everything step by step. Yes, I would like to compete in nationals soon and even international.

7.)Do you have anyone counselling you at SAI as to which type of tournaments to participate in and the steps necessary to compete at the highest level?

I take the guidance from the seniors at SAI and from my brothers and sisters, who have been boxing for quite a long time. 

They know the processes necessary to compete at a high level. I also take the guidance of my coaches at SAI.

8.) Since you’re only 21 years old, are you boxing fulltime, or do you have a part-time job or are you studying?

I have just completed my graduation in Physical education and I want to complete my masters in the same subject as well and I don’t want to stop there as I plan on graduate as a coach from National Institute of Sports in Patiala.

I want to be a coach so that I can guide and train boxers in Manipur in the near future.

9.) What made you decide to become a coach?

I take the inspiration of being a coach from Olympian Devendro Singh, who himself is currently studying to become a coach from NIS, Patiala. 

10.) Did you have the support of your family when you started boxing?

Yes, my family fully supports me in my aspirations to become a full-time boxer.


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