Equestrian Federation of India finds legal options to avoid the financial burden with the recent court order

Equestrian Federation of India

The Equestrian Federation of India (EFI) finds itself in a precarious situation following a recent court order. The Delhi High Court’s decision to appoint an ad-hoc panel to manage EFI’s affairs has raised concerns about the financial implications for the federation.

Financial burden on the Equestrian Federation of India

The court order was a response to a plea from the Rajasthan Equestrian Association (REA), which challenged the EFI Executive Committee members’ attempt to extend their term. REA argued that this was against the Sports Code. In a separate petition, REA alleged that EFI violated the Sports Code by giving voting rights to clubs and institutions when only state associations should be part of the electoral college.

EFI, however, contends that it had received certain exemptions from the Sports Ministry, thus it was not in violation of the Sports Code. Despite this, the court’s decision to appoint an ad-hoc panel has put EFI in a difficult position.

The financial burden of this decision is significant. EFI, which has an annual revenue of Rs 2 crore, will have to divert at least half of this amount to pay the fee of the ad-hoc committee if it works for a year. As per the order, EFI has to pay Rs 5 lakh per month to the AAC chairperson and one lakh each to two members.

This situation has led EFI to contemplate its legal options. The federation’s legal team is currently discussing the potential avenues available to them. One of the main concerns is that this order has not taken all aspects into consideration.

The financial strain of the court order could potentially impact the growth of the sport in India. If EFI has to divert funds to pay the ad-hoc committee, it may have to stop conducting coaching camps and reduce the number of tournaments.

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