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Enzo Amore reveals how he and Cass were duped into getting beat up by 8 men!


Enzo (Amore) and Big Cass are two of the controversial men pro wrestling have seen in the twenty-first century. After a chance meeting years ago, they separately entered the industry with zero experience. They went on a meteoric rise on NXT and the main roster, before controversies knocked their house down. Both released from the WWE, the two did multiple attempts to get into the limelight, including a puzzling run-in at a ROH show, which bordered the line between fiction and reality. Enzo now speaks himself about the matter.

On Talk Is Jericho podcast, Enzo revealed that he was duped into doing the run-in. Someone from Sinclair (the company that owns ROH) called him with the offer. As Enzo and Cass had patched up after their highly publicized problems, he invited Cass as well, mainly because Cass had never experienced the MSG public before. They were led inside by a security member, and when they entered the arena, it was all chaos.

Cass argues that they deserve an apology because the wrestlers were not informed about the run-in and they could’ve been victimized by the confused wrestlers. Now, it is the readers’ choice to either believe their story or to call it baseless, but Jericho sounded like he believed the tale.

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