The English inter-county cricket


England is the birthplace of cricket. For this reason, some of the most traditional competitions of this sport take place in this part of the world. The bet link is, and it offers all the opportunities to place wagers on all the cricket competitions in England and Wales.

County cricket is probably the oldest competition of this sport that has been continuously being played. Currently there are two major county cricket competitions played across England as well. On one side, there is the County Championship, which is a first-class tournament that gathers 18 different county clubs. From there, 17 come from England and one comes from Wales.

Another competition corresponds to the National Counties Championship. Here it is possible to find 19 squads from England and one from Wales. When visiting the bet link, which is 1xBet, it will be possible to wager on all the squads that are part of this competition.

How county cricket came to be

County cricket dates all the way back until the origins of cricket itself. In fact, the earliest record of a cricket game played between teams that represented counties comes from 1709. The online IPL betting on can be very exciting, and this place also offers the chance to wager in modern English county cricket.

However, during the 18th century there were no formal competitions. Instead, these were more casual matches that still faced county squads. From the records of those years, the most successful squads that played the game were:

  • Sussex;
  • Surrey;
  • Kent;
  • Hampshire;
  • and Middlesex.

The first formal county cricket competition was created in 1890. In that year, the aforementioned County Championship was officially created. Currently, on 1xBet it is possible to find online IPL and English county cricket betting options, on which great odds are offered.

Evolution of this form of cricket

Despite arguably being the most traditional cricket tournament from all over the world, English county cricket has also evolved. The main reason for that has been in order to keep the public interested. Fans of this form of the sport can visit, where all the teams that participate in these competitions are featured.

A notable change introduced to county cricket has been to extend the duration of the matches. For example, during its beginnings, matches of these championships lasted three days. Between 1988 and 1992, a trial was made where this was reduced to just two days. However, since 1993, the matches of this kind have been programmed with four days in mind. During the entirety of those games, it is possible to visit 1xBet and make live wagers while they are taking place.