Dr Praveen Singh Jadon reveals how Sports Authority of India can help in promoting Armwrestling in India

Praveen Singh Jadon

Dr Praveen Singh Jadon is one of the top Armwrestling referees in the country. He has been associated with the sport of Armwrestling since 1992 and is one of the towering figures in the country. Apart from being a referee, he is also the professor of Physical Education and Sports at K.A.P.G College in Kasganj, Uttar Pradesh.

In an exclusive interview with the Sports India Show, he revealed his Armwrestling journey and also pointed out how Sports Authority of India can help in promoting the sport nationwide.

How long have you been associated with Arm Wrestling?

“I’m Dr. Praveen Singh Jadon, a professor of Physical Education and Sports at K.A. P.G. College which is affiliated to Raja Mahendra Pratap Singh State University in Aligarh. I’m a Government employee and I’m associated with Arm Wrestling since 1992. Back then I used to live in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh. We hosted District Championship and then the Jabalpur District Championship. Then we went for National (Championship). From there we made good progress. Until 1997, I lived in Madhya Pradesh. Then I shifted to Uttar Pradesh due to my job. Then I was called from North India event which was held in Gwalior and got the charge of U.P. Since then I’m handling the U.P Arm Wrestling Association. We hosted a National Arm Wrestling competition in Dibiyapur district in Auraiya. Then we hosted a National event in Kasganj, where I live now. Speaking about the achievement, I never competed in the sport. But many of the athletes… one from GAIL, Barar sir went to Japan to take part in competition. Manish Maurya, who competed in Gwalior has been our student. Since I’m associated with Physical education and sports, I have a strong connection with the games.”

How did your interest grow for American Football? 

“The game came into AIU in 2014. There is a sports calendar in the university and there are sports meetings. It indicates which college would organize which sport. I have a background of Judo but I was told to organize the American Football. At first I was hesitant but later on I agreed. There is a department of Police, PSE and joining forces with PTI, we organized an Inter-Collegiate tournament and it was India’s first Inter-Collegiate tournament with American Football. Then we went for Patiala to compete where we started Flag Football. Mostly the athletes played Flag Football and continued to work hard. Last year, the boy’s team won Gold in the All India Inter-University. The girl’s team also won Gold medal in Flag Football. 3 years ago after those achievements as well, when our university was called Agra University, the girl’s team would hold good ranks in the competitions. In the women’s competitions, our U.P team has always been the champion.” 

What improvements have you seen in Arm wrestling since the arrival of Pro Panja League? 

“This was a drastic change since Pro Panja League made the entry. Previously, there would be 250-300 athletes competing in the Nationals. But the last time when we went for Nationals in Hyderabad, there were more than 1000 athletes in Arm Wrestling. This is a huge change and PPL has provided the support whether it’s financially or morally, PPL gave out their all. They also held tournaments and the athletes felt that they were achieving something. Before that it was aimless. Parvin Dabas ji and Preeti ji are trying their best. I also saw a picture of them with Director of SAI(Sports Authority of India) and the way things are moving ahead, it will get better. Parvin Dabas ji and Preeti ji have worked a lot towards the goal. It’s been only 2 years with PPL and it will go bigger and better in the coming years. I’m very eager to see what the future holds.” 

What more should be done to promote the sport of Arm Wrestling in India?

“This is a good point. Since Parvin Dabas got into the sport, it has received lots of widespread recognition. It has been included in the police games. It is a good point and in U.P we hold the competitions aswell. So 37 designations are being brought for government jobs. The athletes look for jobs and they continue to play if they get it. Parvin ji has spoken with Sports Ministry and if the sport gets recognition, then the travelling expenses would be covered by the Govt. The Federation is also helped by the Govt. We have to start some courses like we have NIS, Netaji Subhas National Institute of Sports, Patiala where the coaches are trained. Lakshmibai National Institute of Physical Education in Gwalior, where PPL Ranking tournament was held, is one of the institutes which is based in Physicals Education. It is world’s second best university and people have started to recognize the sport there as well. If courses are started on coaching, then they will be benefitted. I want a 6-week course to be started then we can change it to 6 months and then 1 year. The appointment of the coaches is made by SAI  and it will be a win-win for us. There are two levels- the first one I spoke about was Amateur level. The Professional part is being taken care of by PPL itself. The expenses of the athletes are also being taken care of. Like in other sports, Wrestling, Judo, Boxing, there are many academies in Haryana. They are earning good amount of money and earning their livelihood. If these athletes get the same chances, then it will be very beneficial for them.”

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