Download Crickex App for iOS & Android


Crickex app is the mobile version of the big South Asian provider of betting and gambling services. They are typically associated with cricket wagers, as much of the focus is given to this particular sport on Cricket. It is, after all, an exceptionally popular sport in the region.

But there is also a rich enough casino section in this app, which allows you to play slots, a variety of table and card games, lotteries and your typical live casino entertainment. The slots are by far the biggest category, with hundreds of individual games available for playing. Other categories, however, can also gather a sizeable number of games.

Compared to the ‘big’ PC version of this casino, if you download Crickex app, you’ll find that it’s a lot more comprehensive, well-built and well-designed. The PC variant can seem a bit rudimentary at times, whereas the app has a solid, sublime structure to help you along the way.

Downloading and Installing Crickex App on iOS

The problem with getting this app on iOS is that they don’t currently support iOS devices. Travel to their official website on your mobile and locate the app icon (a phone with an arrow going down its middle). You’ll find that you can only download Crickex app on Android, as there is no other option.

The only viable option of using Crickex on iOS is to launch their mobile browser version every time. It looks exactly as their app, with only minimal changes. This way, you could enjoy all the benefits of using this app even though it’s not currently on iOS in any official capacity.

Downloading Crickex App on Android

The Crickex app download on Android is a whole other experience. It’s the only officially supported system, and much of the mobile experience was tweaked to fit well on Android devices. As such, most modern phones on this platform can use this app very well, from technical point of view.

To download the app, follow these steps:

  • Go to the official website of Crickex with your phone;
  • Find the app installation icon at the top of the screen;
  • While there, click on the ‘download for Android’ link;
  • Wait until the download is finished.

By doing that you will download an installation file in the .apk format onto your phone. It’s not yet a functional app, you’ll also need to install it. Unlike Google Play, which installs all your downloaded files right there and then, you’ll need to locate the app file and tap it.

This should launch the installation process, which essentially means turning this .apk file into a proper app. The action typically takes several seconds, and Crickex isn’t that big of an app anyway. In short, it should be over pretty quickly. The only obstacle you can fear is that your security won’t let you download or install it.

If it doesn’t let you do that, you should either deactivate your antivirus or go through your download settings and try again.

Crickex App Registration

Before you can do anything in this app, you’ll need to register an account on Crickex. You can do that beforehand on their PC version – the accounts are valid across the systems. You could also create one right there and then, but mobile isn’t very well-suited for such actions.

The first stage of the registration doesn’t take much – you only need to submit these details:

  • Your username
  • Your password
  • Your preferred currency
  • The referral code (optional)

After that, you’ll be able to start depositing money and making bets. You won’t, however, be able to withdraw them until you verify your account, and that is a far longer process. So, consider submitting a verification application first and then starting to place your wagers.

The verification process demand private info, but it’s generally safe to give it to the websites like Crickex. Here’s what you need:

PAPERSID card, passport, driving license, utility bills
OTHERPhoto, full name and email address


It can take several weeks before they verify the account in earnest. It’s typically done by some agent of theirs. They’ll go through this information and try to check it to the best of their ability. After they’re done with it, you’ll be notified that your account on Crickex is fully functional.

Payment Methods

After you’re done registering and verifying, you’ll be able to finally withdraw money, giving you full financial control of what you transfer in and out of this app. There are several major payment methods you can utilize, including a Bank Deposit, Rupee-O, UPI, PhonePe, PayTM and some others.

The payments are only available in the three national currencies of India, Bangladesh and Pakistan, and no other. As for the commission on these different payment methods, they are negligible to non-existent for deposits and small for withdrawals. The processing time can take 15 minutes to 6 hours, according to them.