Kakran Disses Kejriwal: Asian Games medalist blasts Delhi Government for lack of support

Asian Games medalist Divya Kakran is not happy with the Delhi Government

Asian Games bronze medallist Divya Kakran is not happy with Delhi Chief Minister Aravind Kejriwal. And she expressed her displeasure publically during a felicitation ceremony.

Asian Games medalist Divya Kakran is not happy with the Delhi Government

Divya noted that her calls were not answered by the government and added that the officials failed to keep their promises.

“I won a medal at Commonwealth Games and you told me I will receive more help in future, but my calls were not answered later. Good you are congratulating and rewarding us today but no support was given when we needed most,” she noted.

She also pointed out that the dreams of many young athletes are shattered due to the lack of support.

“You’re felicitating us today but please also think of poor kids aspiring to become athletes. You’ve gathered us today to congratulate us but there’s no support provided when we need it most. If we’re given that support at the right time then we can even win gold,” she added.

The reply from Kejriwal

Kejriwal, meanwhile, was quick to react to the accusations. He said that politics at the higher level was the reason for the whole fiasco.

“You’ll must have read in newspapers how there are obstacles being put in front of the work we try to do. What you’re saying is right. Not just you, many athletes come to us with similar complaints. However, whichever policies we have drafted until now have been shunted for some reason or the other at the higher level. The felicitation we’re doing today is only because of the Supreme Court’s recent judgement,” he said.

The 20-year-old Divya had won a bronze medal at the Asian Games recently by beating Chen Wenling of Taiwan in the 68 KG Category. She had also won a bronze at the 2018 Commonwealth games.


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