Discover How the Covid 19 Crisis is Affecting Cricket Stars 

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Covid 19 is a global crisis with 1.5 million confirmed cases internationally. At a time when life is at risk, it may seem strange to be talking about cricket. 

However, the Covid 19 crisis will eventually be consigned to the history books and sport will restart in India and across the world. In order for this to happen, cricket stars need to be available and fit. It’s interesting to take a look at how much effect the virus is having on players and how the cricket world is protecting the fitness of its stars. 

The effect of the virus on players 

Some players are being directly impacted by Covid 19, as reported first by justgamblers India. For instance, Alex Hales is currently in self-isolation in the UK. He has been experiencing symptoms of Covid 19 since returning from the Pakistan Super League. 

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Even players who do not become infected with the virus will still be impacted by it. As Rajasthan Royals physio John Gloster recently spoke about. They will miss out on opportunities to train and play while quarantine conditions exist. For this reason, many players are taking to solutions such as yoga to help retain their fitness levels. 

There is no doubt that there will need to be a concentrated effort by coaches and players to restore match fitness levels. This will need to be done before competitions like the IPL can take place, even after the Covid 19 crisis has passed. 

In the meantime, many players are investing time, effort and money to help during this difficult time. 

Cricket stars helping with the fight against Covid 19 

One of the main ways that cricket stars have been helping in the fight against the virus is by donating money. For instance, cricketing legend Sachin Tendulkar has donated Dh18 million. It’s not just individual players that have offered financial assistance either. Internationally, groups of players and cricket boards have stepped forward. 

For instance,  the Cricket Association of Bengal has offered to donate around Dh9 million. Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) has also made a donation of Dh480,000 to the Sri Lankan government. This is in recognition of the difficulties the government is having in dealing with the virus and its effects. In Pakistan, officials and players have donated over 5 million Pakistan Rs to the government’s emergency fund. 

Players are not just helping in a financial way either. Many top players have taken to social media. They have been spreading awareness of the virus and how important it is for people to adhere to government instructions. This type of help is important as people are often more likely to take notice if their sporting heroes convey a message.

There is no doubt that these are difficult times for the cricketing world, as they are for communities across the globe. Cricketers and officials are concentrating their efforts on helping with the fight against Covid 19 as well as maintaining their own health and fitness levels.