Digging Your Own Grave: Gareth Bale irks Madrid fans with “Wales, Golf , Madrid- in that order” flag

Image Courtesy: Irish Times

Wales secured their Euro 2020 with a 2-0 victory over Hungary but it was Gareth Bale who grabbed the headlines after celebrating the qualification with a flag that read “Wales, Golf, Madrid- in that order”. The antics have reportedly not gone down well with the Madrid faithful and the Welshman could be in for a rough ride in the Spanish capital. 

Image Courtesy: Irish Times

It is no secret that Gareth Bale is unsettled and is looking for an off-route from his stint with the 13-time Champions League winners. The winger’s lack of Spanish and obsession with golf has attained a lot of attention.

Bale was offered an exit route to China but the deal was called off in the last moment leaving the 30-year-old stranded once again. The Welshman triggered the Madristas with his recent proclamation where he said that “It’s normal- with Wales, I’m speaking my own language and feel more comfortable. I definitely have a bit more excitement playing with Wales.”

The flag celebration seems to be the last straw for the fans as they did not hold back. A video from Madrid Sports showed the anger with the fans saying:

 “We have always defended you, Gareth Bale. We have had patience with your injuries, we have celebrated your goals and assists, and we have defended your passion for golf and your limited Spanish.

“But enough is enough. As it says on the flag, you are laughing at Madrid.”

Surprisingly, Real Madrid manager Zinedine Zidane has shrugged off the incident as he only cares about Bale’s performance on the field.

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