The development of Women’s league is underway, says Ultimate Kho Kho CEO Tenzing Niyogi

Ultimate Kho Kho
Tenzing Niyogi, CEO of Ultimate Kho Kho. Source: X

The Ultimate Kho Kho has already been a huge success and became the third most viewed non-cricket tournament in India. The league has managed to attract top business houses as owners, including a Private Equity(PE) investment in Series A funding from UK-based BNP group. As the ongoing season 2 reached new heights, CEO Tenzing Niyogi expressed his desire to introduce women’s version.

Tenzing Niyogi was the pioneer of the Ultimate Kho Kho league, who back in 2018 took his idea to Amit Burman(former Chairman of Dabur), who then promoted the league along with Kho Kho Federation of India (KKFI) to kickstart in 2022.

A total of 145 athletes from different corners of the country are currently involved with 6 teams in the season 2.

Ultimate Kho Kho league for Women

Tenzing Niyogi recently in an interview with ANI said that the idea to introduce women’s version of the game will soon become a reality and a glimpse of the Women’s game in an exhibition match in the ongoing season 2, which will end on January 13.

“There are plans that are going on. Some contemplation and work is going on for it’s development(women’s Ultimate Kho Kho). You will get to see some avatars of women’s Kho Kho in season 2. the top 50 women players from across India will be invited to be in an exhibition match. This will remind people of Indian women’s Kho Kho and how fast it is. In season 3 or near the fourth one, we will be taking this leap. We already have a list of buyers who are interested in buying teams for this league and it is rally heartening. The current focus is on the season 2,” Tenzing said.

Tenzing also expressed his delight to share the success of the league in season 2, both in terms of business and reach.

“We have had really great digital numbers and are waiting for TV data. The way we have unified and simplified the rules, they have become understandable for the TV audience. We have employed spidey cams and an 18-camera set up to capture what is the fastest sport in India. Capturing every essence of the format, gameplay and skill takes people closer to their television and enjoy a Kho Kho match. Sky dives, pole dives and a simple touch are given two points each. Rules have been simplified and people are able to understand whether it is a pole dive or a sky dive. They are not just interested in how a player gets out or earns two points, but how it is done. The way players conduct themselves on the field becomes important to the audience. People are enjoying the sky dives, pole dives, all the antics employed by teams, the camaraderie of a team and all the rivalries,” said the CEO.

Tenzing Niyogi on Ultimate Kho Kho’s success

Tenzing Niyogi also talked about the hardships and challenges on the path to incorporate the league and how strategical decisions and collaborations has helped the league to get Rs 100 crore for the Organization

Ultimate Kho Kho
Amit Burman, Chief Promoter of Ultimate Kho Kho and Tenzing Niyogi

“It was very challenging. Amit Burman (former Dabur Chairman), the primary investor in his personal capacity, believed in this property when I went to him with the idea back in 2018. What is interesting is that it is not a two-man dream. This has been a lot of hard work, strategy, collaborations, trust and faith shown by all, including the players and franchise owners who believed in this idea,” said Tenzing.

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